Dear Healing Reins Participants, Volunteers and Partners;

As our community continues to change and adapt to the COVID-19 situation, we feel it important to keep you updated on Healing Reins’ approach and protocols.

We strive to support all who count on our services and to provide a respite for those who need it in these uncertain times. Healing Reins is committed to provide individual Therapeutic Horsemanship lessons as well Hippotherapy and mental health services for the foreseeable future.

Why have we made this decision?

  • Considering the open spaces of our barn and health and safety protocols that are in place, we believe we can provide services to our participants safely.

  • The relatively low numbers of individuals in one space allows for social distancing between participants.

  • Staff will perform all grooming and tacking to reduce the close gathering of students in the grooming area. Lessons will be restricted to riding.

  • The staff has prepared the facility with sanitizing supplies for people.

  • Our staff is staying on top of news alerts and checks the CDC and Oregon Health Authority communiques regularly.

Here is the revised illness protocol.

Participants, volunteers and therapists are not permitted to take part in lessons if they have any current signs or symptoms of cold or flu and for 2 weeks after having signs or symptoms of cold or flu. If anyone comes to the barn with these symptoms, you will be asked to come back another day when you are healthy.

All visitors to the barn must stop by the Check-in Station, wash hands, sign the waiver, and write down the time they arrive on the Check In Sheet.  Each person, whether participating or not, must stop by the Check-in Station. If anyone in your group shows symptoms of cold or flu the group will be asked to leave.

Thank you, valued member of the Healing Reins team, for your patience, positivity and cooperation during this unusual and trying time. We appreciate the part you play in this amazing place!

The Healing Reins staff