Equine-Assisted Services

Healing Reins offers two types of equine-assisted services: Horsemanship and Therapy Services.

Horsemanship Services

Adaptive Horsemanship: An equine-assisted activity for the purpose of contributing positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional, and social well-being of individuals who are participating. With support from volunteers and instructors, participants work with their horse to learn horsemanship skills like grooming, tacking, and riding, while gaining life skills that last long past their class-time each week.

Recreational Horsemanship: A fun, educational, and challenging series of horsemanship lessons for children and adults who do not need the extra support offered in therapeutic horsemanship. The safe, comfortable, and easy-going atmosphere of the Healing Reins barn allows participants to learn at their own pace without feeling rushed or pressured.

Equine Assisted Learning: An experiential learning approach that promotes the development of life skills for educational, professional, and personal goals through equine-assisted activities.

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Therapy Services

Equine-Assisted Mental Health (EAMH): An interactive therapy process in which a licensed mental health professional working with a credentialed equine professional, partners with a horse to address psychotherapy goals set forth by the mental health professional and the client.

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Physical Therapy: A treatment strategy used by a physical therapist in which the walking patterns of the horse are utilized to improve the core strength, balance, coordination, and increase the overall function of the client.

Occupational Therapy: A treatment strategy used by an occupational therapist that combines the movement of the horse with other standard intervention strategies to work towards improving functional daily living skills.

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Meet our Healing
Herd of Horses

The equine members of our team are hugely important to us and are chosen very carefully. The ideal therapy horse is sound and unflappable, with a been-there-done-that attitude. Our herd members have had careers in dressage, high school equestrian teams, trail riding, ranch work, and more. Miles and experience add up to the quiet, assured horses our participants need.

Meet Them