Our Staff

Meet the incredible team at Healing Reins.

Polly Cohen
Polly CohenExecutive Director
Ali Burke
Ali BurkeDevelopment Director
Lisa Bradley
Lisa BradleyClinical Manager (LPC, R-DMT)
Riley Sheets
Riley SheetsDevelopment Manager
Jess Lydon
Jess LydonEquine Manager
Nicole Paris-Johnson
Nicole Paris-JohnsonOffice Manager
Esther Smith
Esther SmithPATH Intl. Certified Instructor & Equine Specialist
Heather McCoy
Heather McCoyPATH Intl. Certified Instructor & Equine Specialist
Aly Fazzolari
Aly FazzolariPATH Intl. Certified Instructor & Equine Specialist
Dani Nichols
Dani NicholsPATH Intl. Certified Instructor & Equine Specialist
Nuan Crowder
Nuan CrowderPATH Intl. Certified Instructor & Equine Specialist
Kelsey Slocum
Kelsey SlocumEquine Assisted Services Instructor
Debbie Taylor
Debbie TaylorLicensed Professional Counselor (LPC, NCC)
Addie Rassier
Addie RassierLicensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
Ilana Silver
Ilana SilverClinical Social Worker Associate (CSWA)
Becca Klassy
Becca KlassyClinical Social Worker Associate (CSWA)
Alaina Richards
Alaina RichardsLicensed Professional Counselor Associate
Linda Porter
Linda PorterPATH Intl. Equine Specialist
Patti Wieland
Patti WielandPATH Intl. Equine Specialist
Trudi Trygg
Trudi TryggPATH Intl. Equine Specialist
Jackie Davis
Jackie DavisPATH Intl. Equine Specialist
Brian Fabel
Brian FabelHorse Handler
Tom Lasswell
Tom LasswellEquine Ambassador/ Equine Specialist

Volunteer at
Healing Reins

It is thanks to our dedicated and hard-working team of volunteers that we are able to provide our participants with the hope and healing they deserve. From preparing for and working in lessons to caring for our beautiful facility, to working behind the scenes doing administrative work, our talented volunteers make our world go round!

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