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About Ace

Breed: Gypsy Vanner
Color: Black tobiano
Born: 2017
At Healing Reins Since: 2022
Owned by: Ashley Newton

Sponsored By: Deschutes Dental Center

With his curious and goofy personality, Ace is truly one of a kind. He has a youthful energy that makes everyone smile, and still shows a maturity beyond his years with his easy going demeanor. Ace is both a patient partner for participants who are new to horses, as well as an engaging partner for those who have prior experience with horses.


About Augie

Breed: Morgan
Color: Chocolate Palomino
Born: 2004
At Healing Reins Since: June 2021
Owned By: Karen Pate

Sponsored by: Karen Curtis

Augie’s personality is just as lovely as his coloring- hanging out with humans is his favorite and he loves love and cuddles. With his gentle and kind nature and an incredibly smooth movement, Augie excels in both therapeutic and recreational horsemanship. He is a wonderful partner, a patient teacher, and a loving friend.


About Chester

Breed: Arabian
Color: Bay
Born: 2003
At Healing Reins since: 2023
Owned By: Liz Hansen

Sponsored By: Liz Hansen

Chester is a sweet and engaging gelding who loves partnering with people. He’s an all-around guy who has dabbled in a little bit of everything, including trails, teaching lessons, and liberty work. Chester is a fantastic partner in Equine Assisted Mental Health and Learning due to his attentive nature and curious personality.


About Echo

Breed: Haflinger
Color: Chestnut
Born: 1998
At Healing Reins Since: 2018
Owned by: Leah Bishop

Sponsored By: Jeanmarie Knapp

Echo is a sensitive mare with high emotionality and a big heart. She is a fast mover with quick gaits and is very responsive to her riders’ cues and feelings. Echo likes to work hard, loves a challenge, and enjoys learning new things. Echo’s small, sturdy stature makes her a nice choice for many of our independent young adults.


About Gigi

Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Color: Black
Born: 2001
At Healing Reins Since: 2023
Owned by: Rachel Preston

Sponsored by: Nuan Crowder

Gigi is a sweet little mare with a heart of gold. Attentive and engaging, she loves working with people and excels at her job. She enjoys spending time with people, something made clear through her polite and responsive attitude. Gigi’s size and quiet disposition makes her a wonderful partner in Equine Assisted Mental Health and Learning services.


About Grande

Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Dun
Born: 2001
At Healing Reins Since: 2023
Owned by: Chelsea Linthicum

Sponsored By: Janet Hayes

While he may not be Grande in size, he is Grande in heart! Grande is a kind, and patient gelding who loves people. A ranch and 4H horse in his previous career, Grande’s easy-going personality helps his participants to feel more confident and self-assured. He is engaging, sweet and a fantastic partner for participants of all ages and abilities.


About Heart

Breed: Akhal-Teke Cross
Color: Bay
At Healing Reins since: 2024
Owned By: Mustangs to the Rescue

Sponsored By: Thrive Mental Health

Heart has a special way about her that makes everyone feel seen. She’s a quiet, old soul with the ability to hold space for the people around her in a way that is truly remarkable. As a member of the Equine Assisted Mental Health and Learning herd, Heart is enthusiastic about sharing her gift with us and absolutely loves engaging with people.


About Hobo

Breed: Arabian
Color: Bay
Born: 2001
At Healing Reins Since: 2023
Owned by: Healing Reins

Sponsored By: Brad & Lisa Bailey

Hobo is a petite gentleman who loves people! He brings a quiet and calming presence to everyone who works with him. His small size makes Hobo a perfect partner for young participants or participants who may be nervous around horses. Hobo is engaging, kind and patient, making him a great option for Equine Assisted Mental Health and Learning.


About Ike

Breed: Paint
Color: Bay Tobiano
Born: 2003
At Healing Reins Since: 2019
Owned by: David and Shery Mays

Sponsored By: Dawn Cofer

Ike is a big guy who looks to his participant for leadership, making him a great horse to learn from. He is steady and quiet and truly wants a partnership with his human team, making him invaluable as a teacher. Before coming to Healing Reins, Ike was a trail horse and, with his big trot and equally big heart, we love having him!


About Maleah

Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Buckskin
Born: 2001
At Healing Reins Since: 2012
Owned by: Dorothy Forsyth

Sponsored By: Katrina Hayes and Steve McBurnett

Maleah’s favorite thing about life is her work: she does it with all of her heart. She can be choosy with her affection but she loves to please and partner with people. Maleah has smooth, steady transitions and long consistent movement, which make her a natural choice for riders who are learning to move from one gait to the next.


About QD

Breed: Paint
Color: Chestnut
Born: 2000
At Healing Reins Since: 2018
Owned by: Healing Reins

Sponsored By: John Hullverson

QD has tons of experience as an OHSET horse, and she brings her intelligence and self-assurance to her work at Healing Reins. Because of her mellow, unflappable nature and propulsive movement, she’s popular in hippotherapy sessions as well as with anyone who is in need of a supportive and affirming equine partner.


About Rosie

Breed: Welsh Cross
Color: Bay Roan
At Healing Reins since: 2024
Owned By: Mustangs to the Rescue

Sponsored By: Brad & Lisa Bailey

Rosie may be small but she’s got a huge heart! This sweet gal wants nothing more than to spend time with people. Rosie’s quietly curious approach to life puts people at ease and her small size is perfect for those who may be nervous around larger horses. She is a much loved member of the Equine Assisted Mental Health and Learning Herd.


About Swamper

Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Bay Roan
Born: 2002
At Healing Reins Since: 2021
Owned By: Healing Reins

Sponsored By: Stefan and Kari D’Angona

Swamper is confident, curious, and loves people. His been-there-done-that attitude comes from years as a ranch horse and makes him a reliable mount in any situation. The combination of his large build and goofy, mischievous personality makes him popular in mental health and horsemanship services.


About Tino

Breed: Morgan
Color: Bay
Born: 2003
At Healing Reins Since: 2019
Owned by: Brittney Snyder

Sponsored By: Jon and Erin Luoma

Tino is a firecracker of a horse who is an indispensable member of the herd. With his powerful movement and small stature, he’s a natural fit for hippotherapy clients, while his vivacity makes him popular with teenage participants, who sense in him a kindred spirit. He enjoys teaching his participants, and does so with enthusiasm.


About Tuffy

Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Bay
Born: 1999
At Healing Reins Since: 2021
Owned By: Christine Baker

Sponsored By: The Schultz Family

Tuffy is loved by all for his sweet personality- he never misses an opportunity to show his humans how much he loves them! His friendly personality paired with a quiet and stoic demeanor makes him a perfect match for those who may be nervous around horses, or just want a friend to decompress with.


About Wasco

Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Chestnut
Born: 2001
At Healing Reins Since: 2023
Owned By: Dottie & Eli Ashley

Sponsored By Dottie & Eli Ashley

Wasco is an old soul. Calm, brave and curious, his experience as a mounted shooting and trail horse has made him a wonderful addition to our herd. Wasco loves to be with people and takes great care of the humans who work with him. He is an excellent partner for people who are new to horsemanship.


About Yoda

Breed: Percheron
Color: Black
Born: 2000
At Healing Reins Since: 2022
Owned by: Healing Reins

Sponsored By: Paula Vandelindt

With his soulful eyes and regal appearance, Yoda is a sight to behold. He may have a cautious approach to life and is slow to warm up to people, but working with Yoda is the perfect opportunity for people to work on mindfulness and slowing themselves down. He is a stoic horse with a big heart, who wants to do the right thing and give his all.

Our herd has additional sponsorship from Friends of Healing Reins for the 2023-2024 year.

Do you have a horse that you think would make a good addition to the Healing Reins Herd?

We are always on the lookout for the ideal therapy horse here at Healing Reins. The equine members of our team are hugely important to us and are chosen very carefully. The ideal therapy horse is sound and safe, unflappable, and has a been-there-done-that attitude.

Being a therapy horse at Healing Reins  is not an easy job. It is incredibly demanding both physically and emotionally. We take special care to ensure that any horse who joins our team is able to meet the demands of the job. Our herd members have had careers in dressage, high school equestrian team, 4H, trail riding, ranch work, and more. Miles and experience add up to the quiet, assured horses our participants need.

We do not typically buy horses or accept donated horses- when they retire, we want to be able to send horses back to their owner for a nice life of leisure in their golden years.

Each equine considered for our herd must meet the following requirements:

Training and Personality

  • Be well trained both under saddle and in hand

  • Have impeccable ground manners

  • Behaves and handles consistently working with a large number of people

  • Able to be handled safely and successfully by people with minimal horse experience

  • Requires minimal maintenance regarding training and schooling

  • Be comfortable with sudden noises, loud noises, and positional changes

  • Be free of vices such as biting, kicking, bucking, pulling back, or rearing


  • Currently being ridden multiple times a week

  • Worked consistently for a minimum of 60 days prior to inquiry date

  • Be able to carry heavy, unbalanced, and low muscle tone riders

  • Able to handle working a minimum of 10 1-hour lessons each week

Health and Wellbeing

  • Be able to pass a pre-purchase exam that includes a flex test, soundness exam at the walk, trot, and canter, and neurological test.

  • Have no pre-existing conditions that require extensive maintenance

  • Does not need extensive care for maintaining weight, health, and fitness

  • Be up to date on vaccinations, dentals, deworming, and farrier work

  • Be able to live outside with other horses

  • Preferably over 10 years old

  • Must be able to live on pasture

If you think your horse would enjoy being part of the Healing Herd, fill out the form below.

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It is thanks to our dedicated and hard-working team of volunteers that we are able to provide our participants with the hope and healing they deserve. From preparing for and working in lessons to caring for our beautiful facility, to working behind the scenes doing administrative work, our talented volunteers make our world go round!

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