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After 2 years of preparation we are finally transitioning to an incredible 30 acre site we now own in Tumalo! Help us fundraise to finalize our accessibility project so all of our participant base can access our year-round services in this new location, while also supporting Healing Reins to retain our staff of 24, our volunteer base of 150 and our Healing Herd of 18, as we make an exciting transformation that will lead us into the next 20 years at our new home.

Your Gifts Change Lives!

Healing Reins relies on our generous community for support, both in the arena and in other areas of our daily operations. In addition to providing volunteer support, the Central Oregon community contributes generously to Healing Reins through private donations, corporate sponsorships, in-kind contributions, and participation in our annual benefit auction, “Diamonds & Dust”.

Your support has a direct and immediate impact on those who are challenged by special needs and disabilities, those impacted by Substance use Disorder, those experiencing Alzheimer’s and Dementia, as well as our community’s Veterans and anyone who seeks counseling services outside the four-walls of traditional “talk-therapy”.

Your donations ensure that Central Oregon’s most vulnerable children, teens, adults, and whole families find hope and healing through equine-assisted, evidence-based, and nationally accredited services and therapies.

Contact us or speak with Development Director Ali Burke.
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Ella was born with congenital hypotonia and started physical therapy at a young age. Children with hypotonia have unusually low muscle tone which makes doing the most simple of things (like holding their heads up, rolling over, crawling and walking) take much more energy and work.

It has been very hard to find new and creative ways to challenge Ella to strengthen her core and grow. In March 2019, Ella started Hippotherapy at the recommendation of her pediatrician (Hippotherapy is the use of equine-movement as a treatment tool in—for Ella’s case—physical therapy). We saw immediate progress and growth! She developed the confidence to get on a horse and ride that horse through all the fun courses at Healing Reins, and she reached critical milestones. She developed a relationship with her therapist and her horse and she looks forward to her therapy each week!

We are grateful and thankful for Healing Reins for all they have done to help our girl grow both physically and emotionally! 

Jenna G., Ella’s mom

Ways You Can Give

In-kind gifts of goods and services add significant value to Healing Reins!

We welcome all of the following donations:

  • Hay, feed and supplements, arena sand, wood chips, gravel, new tack, and new therapeutic and safety equipment to include rider helmets.
  • Used saddles, tack, apparel, blankets and other items. If we are unable to use these items, we still benefit by selling or donating them.
  • Services that would help with capital projects or with the repair, maintenance, or improvement of our grounds and facilities (electrical, plumbing, painting, and paving – just to name a few services).

Auction items for use at our annual Diamonds & Dust fundraiser in September. Popular auction items are in the areas of dining and entertainment; trips and travel; art; home & garden; and food & wine.

Many employers match gifts made by employees to non-profit organizations. Some employers extend this to gifts made by employees’ spouses, or gifts made by employees who have retired.

Employers often encourage their employees to volunteer. Some employers will donate to a non-profit based on an hourly rate X the number of hours volunteered by their employees to that non-profit.

Ask your employer for information on their matching gift and volunteer programs.

Through Legacy gifts, you can ensure that your philanthropy continues well into the future.

Legacy gifts include, but are not limited to, you:

  • Making a bequest, or providing for an endowed gift, in your will or trust
  • Naming Healing Reins as a beneficiary on your IRA or life insurance policy


You may make a bequest to Healing Reins in your will or revocable trust. The bequest can be a gift of cash, securities, other assets, or a percentage of your estate’s residual. You may make the gift undesignated, in which case it will be applied to Healing Reins’ area of greatest need. Or you may designate the gift for a specific purpose. After your lifetime, Healing Reins receives the gift and uses it as you specified.

Named beneficiary – IRA gift

You may name Healing Reins as the beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or other qualified retirement plan. After your lifetime, your retirement plan residual is passed to Healing Reins tax-free.

Named beneficiary – Life Insurance gift

By naming Healing Reins as the beneficiary on your life insurance policy, proceeds will be paid after your lifetime as per your designation. You can receive a tax deduction for your gift.

Many other vehicles are available for planned giving, including gift annuities. The concept of gift annuities is this:

You donate an asset to a non-profit; the non-profit invests the asset and makes fixed payments to you or your beneficiary. When the agreement ends, the funds benefit the non-profit.

For assistance with planned giving and Legacy gifts, we encourage you to work with an attorney with specialization in estate planning.

Appreciated securities that you’ve owned for more than one year make excellent gifts to non-profits. Please consult your financial advisor about the potential benefits that might accrue in the areas of charitable income tax deductions and capital gains tax.

Many companies and organizations participate in United Way fundraising campaigns. When you donate to United Way, you may direct your gift to Healing Reins.

Ask your local United Way or your participating company or organization for details on how to designate your gift.

Learn more on how to become a 2024 horse sponsor: Contact Riley Sheets via email or call her directly at 541-382-9410.

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It is thanks to our dedicated and hard-working team of volunteers that we are able to provide our participants with the hope and healing they deserve. From preparing for and working in lessons to caring for our beautiful facility, to working behind the scenes doing administrative work, our talented volunteers make our world go round!

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