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Bingo Fundraiser Promotion Healing Reins

Not 'Cho Grandma's Bingo -- Benefitting Healing Reins

Join us at Silver Moon Brewing for Sunday Bingo benefitting Healing Reins


Upcoming Dates:

Sunday, January 22nd

Sunday, February 19th


What are the hours?

Bingo officially runs from 11am-1pm. During winter while Bingo is indoors, we advise everyone to get there around 10:30 to grab a seat and get yourself settled. Doors open at 10:00 if you want to grab a bigger amount of space for your friends and family. Summer is a little more flexible, as there is double the seating outdoors!

How does the fundraiser work?

People buy Bingo cards to participate, and the winner of the Bingo round gets half of the proceeds of the round, while Healing Reins gets the other half. We will also have raffle tickets available for purchase to win some great family friendly prizes.

Do you take credit/debit cards for the bingo cards?

Unfortunately, no we do not take cards for the bingo raffle sales. Please bring cash, but if you happen to forget, Silver Moon has an ATM.

Can I bring my kids? Can my friends bring theirs?

Yes, definitely! We've even seen some kids take home the biggest cash pot of the day.

How much does it cost to participate?

That is totally up to you! Cards range from $1-$5 each per round. The more you purchase, the higher likelihood you have of winning. We will also be hosting a monthly raffle, tickets are $5 each on location.

How many rounds do they play?

There are a minimum of three rounds, but if the crowd is ready to keep playing, the bingo host will go for longer. If you need to leave early after one or two rounds, that is okay!