Do you have a horse that you think would make a good addition to the Healing Reins Herd?

We’re often on the lookout for the ideal therapy horse here at Healing Reins. The equine members of our team are hugely important to us and are chosen very carefully. The ideal therapy horse is sound and unflappable, with a been-there-done-that attitude. Our herd members have had careers in dressage, high school equestrian teams, trail riding, ranch work, and more. Miles and experience add up to the quiet, assured horses our participants need.
We do not typically buy horses or accept donated horses - when they retire, we want to be able to send horses back to their owners for a nice life of leisure in their golden years.
Each equine considered for our herd must:
  • Be sound at the walk, trot, and canter
  • Be well trained both under saddle and in hand
  • Be comfortable with sudden noises, unbalanced riders, and positional changes
  • Be able to live outside with other horses
  • Be free of vices such as biting, kicking, bucking, or rearing
  • Be up to date on vaccinations, dentals, and farrier work

If you think your horse would enjoy being part of the Healing Herd, fill out the Horse Questionnaire Form.